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  Jeffrey Paul 71a52ec3d3 nixpkgs for non-nixos 1 month ago
  Jeffrey Paul 57e7f870cf vimrc update 1 month ago
  Jeffrey Paul db2b7fb39d makefile update 1 month ago
  Jeffrey Paul 7b6848eb82 add slate.js config file 2 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 985d7f735a add chrome history slurper and solana dockerfile 2 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul b93b7d52f7 latest hacks 5 months ago
  sneak eb0549a511 portability for lunix 6 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 6e9182b257 rename filerename file 7 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 2dccccea8b improvements to fixcatalinaimprovements to fixcatalina 7 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 5a42a909bb local mods 7 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul e8c586aad5 add fixcatalina original 7 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul e4652d43b7 mastos 7 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 639e51a0b4 add AP instance finder 7 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 2601053909 bump 8 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 93fb9ae68b add mattermost caprover one-click-apps file 8 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul d6a2a1e6fd fix bugs 9 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul c24e396a5d hacks as of 9 mar 9 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 41ceec25dd save disk test 9 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 1b7944a174 latest 9 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 82e65ed42a add readme 9 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul b6cee8acf5 add email-to-webhook 9 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 6e6229f0be added some crap 9 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul e50f689576 latest 9 months ago
  Jeffrey Paul 3f91b5cce0 update makefile 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 51c68803c5 latest junk 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 19acc1bc9f add info to backup command 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 235ecb40dc Merge branch 'master' of github.com:sneak/hacks 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 75bc2cf407 add README 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 842865bb22
remove insecure cipher usage from makefile 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 4c8c1757cc fix timezone 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul abfeea1c79 seems to work now 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 0017b4ec4a latest 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul d9f759a43c latest 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 45a2bcf34e cleaner shell command to wait for network 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 46e8c23466 dont use run-parts, wait for network via ping 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 6faaf54183 dont run run-parts until online 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 3e7cba20ce latest for testing 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 5273235554 testing more 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 0c72b2c372 almost working 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul bad920ab58 testing 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul f23a098555 getting ready to test 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 7ee2448934 rename dir 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 1675072561 random stuff 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 45b3eb8ad5 working on rpi borging 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul f467f89c85 remove rpi dir 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 3537f9d506 add brainduino test code 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 8b6cf834b2 add comment 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 8bc93b091d update disk unlock scripts 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 8869dd64fb shut up github vuln alert 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Paul 2f753486ee add unlock script for another machine 1 year ago