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Jeffrey Paul 4f80ad381a this script renames mullvad wireguard config files 3 weeks ago
2021-11-09-wireguard-config-renamer this script renames mullvad wireguard config files 3 weeks ago
20140204.nue1.buildimage old scripts to build image for libvirt 5 years ago
20150430.haproxy-ubuntumirror updates 6 years ago
20200627.videosort latest hacks 1 year ago
attic almost working 2 years ago
bashlib started a function library for bash 7 years ago
bin add microbtc conversion script 3 weeks ago
bionic-defaults add ntp 3 years ago
bitcoin.bbescraper bbescraper 10 years ago
bitcoin.blockchain added bitcoin inflation chart csv generation script 10 years ago
bitcoin.inflationchart added stuff 10 years ago
bitcoin.shallow added stuff 10 years ago
bitcoin.txvolume added stuff 10 years ago
bizzybotte added bizzybotte, cleaned up backup 10 years ago
brainduino add brainduino test code 2 years ago
buildboxwifi added buildbox wifi stuff 5 years ago
caprover-oneclick add fixcatalina original 1 year ago
cat-unless-older added stuff 10 years ago
checkcert new stuff 8 years ago
chromeurls add chrome history slurper and solana dockerfile 1 year ago
clean-old-osx-homedir add new script to clean up unnecessary stuff in an archived osx homedir 3 years ago
coldbackup starting osx non-proprietary secure backup script 7 years ago
cronify Update cronify/cronify 9 years ago
download-starred-github-repos fix bugs 1 year ago
dump-imessages initial code for dumping imessages in a reasonable format 7 years ago
email-to-webhook add readme 1 year ago
fetchtweets new stuff 8 years ago
findmastos mastos 1 year ago
fix-raspian-defaults latest 1 year ago
fixcatalina rename filerename file 1 year ago
forward-email-to-slack-webhook Use python stdlib instead of requests (#1) 2 years ago
fsn1.disktest hacks as of 9 mar 1 year ago
geolocate updates 6 years ago
gopakketo add notes about sending packets 3 years ago
goshebang latest 5 years ago
grandcentral-vm-downloader added stuff 10 years ago
hettinger saving stuff 8 years ago
homedir.makefile latest 1 month ago wip 3 years ago
libvirt latest 1 month ago
linuxnet2statsd dunno 8 years ago
misc random stuff 2 years ago
mkbootstrapdat added docker-compose file 5 years ago
mtgox.tradescraper mtgox trade history data from bitcoin talk 10 years ago
nbg1.disktest hacks as of 9 mar 1 year ago
nixpkgs nixpkgs for non-nixos 1 year ago
osmstatic latest 1 year ago
osxbackup latest 1 month ago
osxubuntumirror added files for setting up ubuntu mirror for offline dev 7 years ago
pgoatp added pgoatp to misc dir, vimrc and backup tweaks 10 years ago
provision.workbox Update Ubuntu-18.04-packages.txt 3 years ago
rsync.osx.excludes more rsync excludes for osx 3 years ago
rsync.workstation.backup add workstation backup file 3 years ago
run-aws-job playing with aws batch 3 years ago
scrapers dunno 8 years ago
slate.js add slate.js config file 1 year ago
solanad.dockerfile add chrome history slurper and solana dockerfile 1 year ago
sqlite2json sqlite2json is a tool i need to finish the imessage dumper 7 years ago
steem-claim-account shut up github vuln alert 2 years ago
termux add some more termux stuff 3 years ago
tf latest 3 years ago
ubuntu-ipfs-mirror-client setup ipfs api config 3 years ago
ubuntu-makevm latest 1 year ago
update-workstation-location added json location getter 5 years ago
vagrantfile-default none of this works yet 5 years ago
vimrc vimrc update 1 year ago
vmprov added ubuntu base package list to vm provisioning project 7 years ago
wikify.routerconfig added routerconfig-to-wiki script 10 years ago
x latest junk 2 years ago
zwatch add zwatch 3 years ago
.gitignore latest 3 years ago
LICENSE.markdown add LICENSE 3 years ago
Makefile added json location getter 5 years ago add README 2 years ago


These are my hacks. Some may be useful.