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Unofficial SYN Shop Info Page

Note: This site is a volunteer compilation. is the official SYN Shop website.

SYN Shop


General Info

  • FAQ
  • Approximately 120 members as of September 2020
  • Membership costs $60 USD per month (required to use the equipment)
  • Normally open to the public every day except Sunday
  • Currently not open to non-members due to COVID-19
    • Otherwise, the normal open hours would be:
      • 18:00-22:00 PST Mon-Fri
      • 15:00-22:00 PST Sat
      • Closed Sun
  • Members are currently welcome by appointment with keyholders
  • Potential members are also welcome to visit by appointment with keyholders
  • All are invited to join!
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to support the SYN Shop!
  • Teach a class at the SYN Shop!


  • SYN Shop Discord Chat
    • Join Here
    • Most shop members prefer to use this
    • Note that you must also agree to the Discord Terms Of Service (TOS), separate from the SYN Shop rules, to use this service, and that your PII and direct messages to and from other users will be logged by Discord and will not remain private.