1793 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Joshua Tauberer 69fc2fdd3a Hide spurrious Nextcloud setup output 4 days ago
  Joshua Tauberer 9b07d86bf7 Use $(...) notation instead of legacy backtick notation for embedded shell commands 4 days ago
  Joshua Tauberer ae3feebd80 Fix warnings reported by shellcheck 4 days ago
  Joshua Tauberer 2c295bcafd Upgrade the Roundcube persistent login cookie encryption to AES-256-CBC and increase the key length accordingly 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Tauberer 8cda58fb22 Speed up status checks a bit by removing a redundant check if the PRIMARY_HOSTNAME certificate is signed and valid 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Tauberer 178c587654 Migrate to the ECDSAP256SHA256 (13) DNSSEC algorithm 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Tauberer 34569d24a9 v0.53 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Tauberer 6653dbb2e2 Sort the Custom DNS by zone and qname, and add an option to go back to the old sort order (creation order) 2 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer 5fc1162355 Other CHANGELOG entries 2 months ago
  Paul a839602cba
Enable sending DMARC failure reports (#1929) 2 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer f21a41dc84 Merge #1932, with some edits 2 months ago
  davDevOps 055ac07663 Update roundcube to 1.4.11 2 months ago
  davDevOps c7b295f403 Update zpush to 2.6.2 2 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer d36a2cc938 Enable Backblaze B2 backups 2 months ago
  jeremitu 82ca54df96
Fixed #1894 log date over year change, START_DATE < END_DATE now. (#1905) 2 months ago
  jvolkenant af62e7a99b
Fixes unbound variable when upgrading from Nextcloud 13 (#1913) 3 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer 90d63fd208 v0.52 3 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer e81963e585 Remove the instructions for checking that release tags are signed by me since I am not going to do that anymore 3 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer b1d703a5e7 Disable Backblaze B2 backups until #1899 is resolved 3 months ago
  Felix Spöttel e3d98b781e
Warn when connection to Spamhaus times out (#1817) 3 months ago
  jvolkenant 50d50ba653
Update zpush to 2.6.1 (#1908) 3 months ago
  Josh Brown 879467d358
Fix typo in users.html (#1895) 4 months ago
  Nicolas North 8025c41ee4
Bump TTL for NS records to 1800 (30 min) to 86400 (1 day) as some registries require this (#1892) 4 months ago
  Josh Brown 7a5d729a53
Fix misspelling (#1893) 4 months ago
  jcm-shove-it e2f9cd845a
Update roundcube to 1.4.10 (#1891) 4 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer e26cf4512c Update CHANGELOG 4 months ago
  jvolkenant c7280055a8
Implement SPF/DMARC checks, add spam weight to those mails (#1836) 4 months ago
  Hilko 003e8b7bb1
Adjust max-recursion-queries to fix alternating rdns status (#1876) 4 months ago
  Hilko 3422cc61ce
Include en_US.UTF-8 locale in daemon startup (#1883) 4 months ago
  Hilko 8664afa997
Implement Backblaze for Backup (#1812) 5 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer 82229ce04b Document how to start the control panel from the command line and in debugging use a stable API key 5 months ago
  Richard Willis f66e609d3f
Api spec cleanup (#1869) 5 months ago
  Victor b85b86e6de
Add download zonefile button to external DNS page (#1853) 5 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer 7fd35bbd11 Disable default Nextcloud apps that we don't support 5 months ago
  gumida 7ce41e3865
Changed mta-sts.txt end of line from LF to CRLF per RFC 8461 (#1863) 5 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer 92221f9efb v0.51 5 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer 0bd3977cde CHANGELOG updates 6 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer 6a979f4f52
Add TOTP two-factor authentication to admin panel login (#1814) 6 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer 545e7a52e4 Add MFA list/disable to the management CLI so admins can restore access if MFA device is lost 6 months ago
  David Duque 48c233ebe5
Update Roundcube to version 1.4.9 (#1830) 6 months ago
  Michael Kroes 9a588de754
Upgrade Nextcloud to version 20.0.1 (#1848) 6 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer ac9ecc3bd3 Rename tools/mail.py to management/cli.py 6 months ago
  David Duque 8b166f3041
Display certificate expiry dates in ISO format (#1841) 6 months ago
  Joshua Tauberer 5509420637 s/Days/Retention Days/ on the backup settings page 6 months ago
  Felix Spöttel 7d6c7b6610
Increase mta-sts max_age to one week (#1829) 7 months ago
  Felix Spöttel 1f0e493b8c Exclude mru_token in user key hash 7 months ago
  Felix Spöttel ada2167d08 Only update mru_token for matched mfa row 7 months ago
  Felix Spöttel be5032ffbe Don't expose mru_token and secret for enabled mfas over HTTP 7 months ago
  Felix Spöttel 00b3a3b0a9 Remove unique key constraint on foreign key user_id in mfa table 7 months ago
  Felix Spöttel 6d82c0035a Update openAPI docs 7 months ago