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docker run \
    -p 2780:2780 \
    -v /etc/adchpp:/config \
    --name adchpp \
    --restart unless-stopped \

Repo Info

src contains adch++ v2.12.1 extracted from tarball from sourceforge, modified only to make it build on modern hardware. I tried getting it running on 20.04 but its build file doesn't work with modern scons, sadly.

Docker Image Information

  • env:
    • DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD: set to the admin password you want for the admin user. default: hunter2. Note that passwords are stored unhashed in plaintext on disk (take it up with the duck, I just packaged it)
      • no-op if /config/users.txt already exists, which it will after first run.
  • state/config volume: /config
  • logs to stdout like a good docker