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Add section on SSH agent forwarding to FAQ (#360)

Paul 4 months ago
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@ -28,6 +28,10 @@ Please run `ssh -Tv` in your terminal and paste the output in a [
You can create a `` (where `mykey` is the name of your key) in your `~/.ssh/` directory with the contents of your public key, and specify that you want to use that key in your `~/.ssh/config`. [This ServerFault answer]( has more details on setting that up
### Can I use Secretive for SSH Agent Forwarding?
Yes, you can! Once you've set up Secretive, just add `ForwardAgent yes` to the hosts you want to forward to in your SSH config file. Afterwards, any use of one of your SSH keys on the remote host must be authenticated through Secretive.
### Why should I trust you?
You shouldn't, for a piece of software like this. Secretive, by design, has an auditable build process. Each build has a fully auditable build log, showing the source it was built from and a SHA of the build product. You can check the SHA of the zip you download against the SHA output in the build log (which is linked in the About window).